Workshop Design + Architecture is a Brooklyn-based architectural design firm with over 25 years of combined experience reimagining spaces from classic brownstones to multi-family luxury residences to high-end hotels. We believe in the transformative power of design and its potential to reveal new ways of looking at the world around us. To make this happen we collaborate with our clients to create impactful, sustainable designs influenced by their surroundings. When we have a good design idea we stick to it, and our clients appreciate that. New York is our landscape, so we’re no strangers to fast deadlines, connecting with large project teams, navigating city agencies, and keeping things running smoothly throughout it all. Let’s collaborate.


We approach architecture as a collaborative process, and embrace it as an ongoing conversation. We toss out preconceived notions and formal conclusions, which helps us achieve the unique vision of every client. We find that when you open up dialogue and work together to set goals you can better tease out the heart of a project.


We’re big believers in innovation, which is why we tackle each problem with a healthy disregard for the impossible. We thrive on a good challenge — it’s often what leads us to the most surprising and memorable solutions. Sure, there are numerous rules to follow when designing within the context of this city, but we view constraints as an opportunity for creativity.


Our teams leverage the latest technology, including BIM and Project Management software, to enhance collaboration, study multiple design solutions, improve efficiency and ensure quality from start to finish. Long-term sustainability is at the core of every project—whether it’s a former factory building on the Williamsburg waterfront or a pre-war pied-à-terre on the Upper East Side—we create designs with a sense of time, place and purpose. By coming up with socially, economically and ecologically sustainable solutions, our work lasts well beyond the initial conception.