East87 - Kitchen
    E87 Residence
    New York, NY

    A full gut renovation and transformation of CPW apartment for a young family.

    East87 - Powder Rm

    In Construction

    3,500 SQ.FT. | Apartment Renovation

    Services: Architecture | Interiors


    Pacific Street Townhouse
    Brooklyn, NY

    In Construction

    7,900 SQ.FT. | Single-Family Townhouse

    Services: Architecture | Interiors


    Mill 61 Workshopda
    The Mill Apartment
    Brooklyn, NY

    Completion: 2014

    Services: Architecture | Interiors


    Carlton Ave Townhouse
    Brooklyn, NY

    In Construction

    4,300 SQ.FT. | Single-Family Townhouse

    Services: Architecture | Interiors


    77th 292 Workshopda
    E77 Apartment
    New York, NY
    77th 141 Workshopda
    77th 423 Workshopda
    77th 324 Workshopda
    77th 407 Workshopda
    77th 57 Workshopda
    77th 514 Workshopda

    Multiple apartments were combined to create an exceptional full floor home with all four exposures that provide each room with sweeping Manhattan views.

    77th 203 Workshopda
    77th 373 Workshopda
    77th 457 Workshopda
    77th 472 Workshopda
    77th 684 Workshopda
    77th 536 Workshopda
    77th 708 Workshopda

    The approach to the interior architecture is pared down, complemented only by minimalist selections and admirable attention to detail.

    77th 860 Workshopda
    77th 821 Workshopda

    Completion: 2016

    5,600 SQ.FT. | Apartment Combination

    Services: Architecture


    Dean Street Townhouse
    Brooklyn, NY

    In Construction

    4,400 SQ.FT. | 2-Family Townhouse

    Services: Architecture | Interiors


    King Townhouse
    New York, NY

    This turn of the century Soho townhouse was completely transformed for modern living in the city. The landmarked facade was preserved and restored while the bulk of this existing overbuilt apartment building was completely reconfigured to create an expansive 23 foot wide townhome.

    exterior revit render ps final-resize2

    An opening in the parlor floor makes for a dramatic double height family room with a steel framed window wall overlooking a lush landscaped rear yard. A matching stone floor and retractable doors further provide continuity with the space outside.

    In Construction

    6,500 SQ.FT. | Single-Family Townhouse

    Services: Architecture | Interiors


    17thst 0146 Workshopda
    Chelsea Townhouse
    New York, NY

    This turn of the century townhouse was completely transformed for modern living in the city. Dramatic moments such as the double height kitchen with wrap-around mezzanine are woven throughout the home.

    17thst 0132 Workshopda
    17thst 0130 Workshopda
    17thst 0087 Workshopda

    The gracious entry foyer is separated from the garage with a fully glazed wall.

    Living space was maximized throughout along with amenities like a 400-bottle temperature controlled wine room, infrared sauna and resistance pool.

    17thst 0030 Workshopda
    17thst 0304 Workshopda
    17thst 0009 Workshopda
    17thst 0312 Workshopda
    17thst 0243 Workshopda
    17thst 0356 Workshopda
    17thst 0271x Workshopda
    17thst 0248 Workshopda
    17thst 0281 Workshopda
    17thst 0160 Workshopda

    Completion: 2017

    11,000 SQ.FT. | 5-Story Single-Family Townhouse

    Services: Architecture


    181president 0138 Workshopda
    President St. Townhouse
    Brooklyn, NY

    A simple single story garage was enlarged with two additional stories in matching brick and the openings filled with large industrial-style windows as a nod to its utilitarian past. The building is topped with a contrasting zinc clad master floor with ipe louvers that provide privacy and shield from solar heat gain.

    181president 0201 Workshopda
    181president 0103 Workshopda

    Beneath a central skylight sits a floating steel and oak staircase flanked by a towering 50′ tall millwork divider with smoked mirrors that bounce and diffuse light throughout the day.

    181president 0003 Workshopda

    Multiple exterior terraces seamlessly integrate interior and exterior entertaining spaces becoming the backdrop for informal family encounters.

    181president 0023 Workshopda
    181president 0006 Workshopda

    The main terrace is equipped with a pergola for privacy and passive solar shading. A set of retractable steel doors provide unobstructed access from the bluestone paved terrace with a modern outdoor kitchen to the interior.

    181president 0186 Workshopda
    181president 0126 Workshopda

    Gracious sunlit bedrooms are made easily accessible with a private elevator. Material choices remain neutral and balanced throughout maintaining a harmonious flow from room to room.

    181president 0142 Workshopda
    181president 0059 Workshopda
    181president 0045 Workshopda
    181president 0056 Workshopda

    Completion: 2017

    Services: Design Architect | Interiors